The Corporation of the

Environmental Advisory Committee

City Hall Council Chambers
15322 Buena Vista Avenue, White Rock, BC, V4B 1Y6

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T. Arthur, Director of Corporate Administration


    THAT the Environmental Advisory Committee adopts the agenda for the August 18, 2022 meeting as circulated.


    THAT the Environmental Advisory Committee adopts the minutes of the May 26, 2022 meeting as circulated.

The Committee to review and discuss the corporate report from the Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations, titled "Vegetation Control on the Hump," which was received by Council during their May 30, 2022 meeting and referred to the Environmental Advisory Committee for comment, as part of the following endorsed motion:

Motion Number 2022-229:

THAT Council:

  1. Receive the corporate report dated May 30, 2022, from the Director of Engineering & Municipal Operations, titled “Vegetation Control on the Hump” providing information on the feasibility of bringing maintenance of the Hump greenery to pre-2019 levels; and
  2. Refer the corporate report to the City's Environmental Advisory Committee in order to comment on the topic and additionally that the Geotechnical Engineer noted in the report be available at the Committee meeting when they review the report. 

Committee to also review and discuss the attached paper, titled "Referral to EAC Concerning Cutting of Vegetation along Marine Drive at the Hump," submitted by member, P. Byer.

The Committee to further discuss this topic, along with the paper submitted by member, J. Holm, titled " Storm Water Management - Columbia Avenue Storm Diversion Project," after it was previously discussed at the May 26, 2022 meeting.

Chairperson and/or Vice-Chairperson to provide an update to the Committee following Council's endorsement of the following motion during the July 25, 2022 Regular Council meeting:

Motion Number 2022-350:

THAT Council direct staff to prepare a report on the feasibility of changing the City's Zoning/Building Bylaws that would state the following:

All future homes built in White Rock must have 40% of their land maintained on a permeable surface; and further this motion would also pertain to driveways which would be constructed with interlocking bricks and earth openings to diminish water runoff.

Note: Further action on the following correspondence items may be considered. The Committee may request that any item be brought forward for discussion, and may propose a motion of action on the matter.


    THAT the Environmental Advisory Committee receives correspondence Item 7.1.a as circulated.

Email correspondence dated June 10, 2022, from a White Rock resident, expressing concern about pesticide/herbicide use in White Rock and asking for the City to provide more education to the public regarding the rules for pesticide use in the community.

Note: Bylaw 1864 attached for reference.

Chairperson to provide an update regarding this topic after it was also considered by Council during their June 27, 2022 meeting, when the following motion was endorsed:

Motion Number 2022-295:

THAT Council directs staff to remind residents of the restricted pesticide and herbicide use in the City of White Rock via Face Book posts, mailer included with utility bills, City News bulletins, and any other medium.

Chairperson or Staff to provide an update regarding the status of action items and recommendations from previous minutes.

Note: Action and motion tracking document attached for information purposes.

Chairperson or Staff to provide updates, if any, pertaining to the status of the Committee's 2021-2022 Work Plan priority items.

Note: 2021-2022 Work Plan document attached for information purposes.

The Director of Engineering and Municipal Operations to provide a water treatment update.

The following meeting schedule was previously approved by the Committee and is provided for information purposes:

  • September 22, 2022.

All meetings are scheduled to take place from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.