The Corporation of the

Regular Council Meeting

City Hall Council Chambers
15322 Buena Vista Avenue, White Rock, BC, V4B 1Y6

*Live Streaming/Telecast: Please note that all Committees, Task Forces, Council Meetings, and Public Hearings held in the Council Chamber are being recorded and broadcasted as well included on the City’s website at:


T. Arthur, Director of Corporate Administration

We would like to recognize that we are standing/working/meeting on the traditional unceded territory of the Semiahmoo First Nation, and also wish to acknowledge the broader territory of the Coast Salish Peoples.


    THAT the Corporation of the City of White Rock Council adopt the agenda for its regular meeting scheduled for November 21, 2022 as circulated.


    THAT the Corporation of the City of White Rock Council adopt the following meeting minutes as presented:

    • October 19, 2022 Special Council meeting; and,
    • November 7, 2022 Inaugural Council meeting.

The Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal, created on August 29, 1985, honors members of a recognized Canadian fire service who have completed 20 years of service, ten years of which have been served in the performance of duties involving potential risks, and were employed on or after the date of creation of the Medal. Recognized fire services include Canadian fire departments, fire marshals’ offices, fire commissioners’ offices and the Canadian Forces fire services. Exemplary service is characterized by good conduct, industry, and efficiency.

Consideration is given only to periods of service for which no other long service, good conduct or efficiency decoration or medal has been awarded by the Crown. The Medal may be awarded posthumously.

Fire has six (6) active members and two (2) retired members that are due to receive Exemplary Service Medals for completing 20 years of service.

Active members:

Deputy Chief Ken Molland
Captain James Davison
Firefighter / Acting Captain Scott Booth
Firefighter / Acting Captain Richard Mann
Firefighter / Acting Captain Bira Bindra
Firefighter / Acting Captain Mike Bancroft


Retired members:

Captain Mike Stark
Auxiliary Firefighter Ian Pither

Question and Answer Period will be taking place both in person at the meeting, as well as electronically through email. 

If you wish to have your question submitted electronically you may forward questions and comments to Mayor and Council by emailing with Question and Answer Period noted in the subject line.

As of 8:30 a.m., November 15, 2022, there were no Question and Answer period submissions received.

Note: there are to be no questions or comments on a matter that will be the subject of a public hearing (time between the public hearing and final consideration of the bylaw).


    THAT Council receive for information the correspondence submitted for Question and Answer Period by 8:30 a.m. November 21, 2022, including “On-Table” information provided with staff responses that are available at the time.

Barry Kozar, resident, to appear before Council to discuss a neighbours noisy car and the need to manage this issue in White Rock.



Corporate report dated November 21, 2022 from the Director of Planning and Development Services titled "School District No. 36 - Eligible School Site Proposal".


    THAT Council accepts the certified resolution of the Board of Education of School District No.36 (Surrey) and:

    1. Receive this report for information;
    2. Endorse, in principle, the Surrey School District's Eligible School Sites Proposal 2023-2024 Capital Plan, attached as Appendix "A," and
    3. Instruct the Director of Corporate Administration to forward a copy of this report and the related Council resolution to the Surrey School District.

Corporate report dated November 21, 2022 from the Director of Corporate Administration titled "2022 Local Government Election".

Note: White Rock Sign Bylaw, 2010, No. 1923, Amendment No. 5, Bylaw, 2022, No. 2449 is on the agenda for consideration under Item 8.1.a.


    That Council receive the November 21, 2022, corporate report from the Director of Corporate Administration, titled “2022 Local Government Election” as required under the Local Government Act.



Bylaw 2449 - A bylaw to amend the White Rock Sign Bylaw in relation to political sign guidelines.

Note: This bylaw was discussed under Item 6.2.b


    THAT Council give first, second and third readings to "White Rock Sign Bylaw, 2010, No. 1923, Amendment No. 5, Bylaw, 2022, No. 2449”.




Note: Further action on the following correspondence items may be considered. Council may request that any item be brought forward for discussion, and may propose a motion of action on the matter.


    THAT Council receive items of correspondence 9.1.a - 9.1.c as circulated.

Information regarding the October 28, 2022 Metro Vancouver meetings provided for information purposes.

Two items of email correspondence dated October 27, 2022 from White Rock residents, J. Musser and P. De Rosa regarding a request for Council to consider passing a policy to ensure new buildings in White Rock are all-electric and to help phase gas and other fossil fuels out of existing buildings.

Correspondence dated November 9, 2022 from Kwantlen Polytechnic University Retirees' Association Board Member G. Dean requesting a Funding Formula Review process for Post-Secondary Education to adequately serve White Rock and the South Fraser Region.  



    THAT Council approve the following 2023 regular Council meeting schedule:

    • January 16 & 30;
    • February 13 & 27;
    • March 13 & 27;
    • April 17;
    • May 1 &15;
    • June 12 & 26;
    • July 10 & 24;
    • September 11 & 25;
    • October 16 & 30;
    • November 6 & 27; and,
    • December 11

Note: Mayor Knight is automatically the City's representative to the TransLink Mayor's Council, this motion is only in relation to assigning an alternate when required.


    THAT Council approve the following member as an alternate to the Translink Mayor's Council as follows:

    • Councillor Klassen - alternate (2023)
    • Councillor Lawrence - alternate (2024)
    • Councillor Chesney - alternate (2025)
    • Councillor Trevelyan - alternate (2026)

    THAT Council appoint the following members of Council to the relative organizations as representatives/alternates for the 2022 - 2026 Council Term:

    • Fraser Valley Regional Library Board (Representative: Councillor Partridge / Alternate: Councillor Klassen)
      Note: The next Fraser Valley Regional Library is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th at 10am)

    • White Rock Business Improvement Association  (BIA) (Representative: Councillor Klassen / Alternate: Councillor Trevelyan)

    • White Rock Chamber of Commerce (Representative: Councillor Klassen/ Alternate: Councillor Lawrence)

    • White Rock Museum and Archives Board (Representative: Councillor Chesney/ Alternate: Councillor Partridge) 

    • White Rock Tourism (Representative: Councillor Chesney/ Alternate: Councillor Cheung)

    • Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Healthy Community Grants Committee (Representative: Councillor Cheung/ Alternate: Councillor Partridge)

    • Sources B.C. (Representative: Councillor Partridge/ Alternate: Councillor Trevelyan)
    • Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia (MIABC) (Representative: Councillor Lawrence/ Alternate: Councillor Chesney)

    • Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railway (Representative: Councillor Trevelyan/ Alternate: Councillor Lawrence) 

    • Peace Arch Hospital Foundation Healthy Community Steering Committee (Representative: Councillor Cheung/ Councillor Klassen)
    • Semiahmoo First Nation (Representative: Councillor Trevelyan / Alternate Councillor Lawrence )