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Governance and Legislation Committee

City Hall Council Chambers
15322 Buena Vista Avenue, White Rock, BC, V4B 1Y6

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The City of White Rock is committed to the health and safety of our community. In keeping with
Ministerial Order No. M192 from the Province of British Columbia, City Council meetings will take
place without the public in attendance at this time until further notice. 


T. Arthur, Director of Corporate Administration

Councillor Trevelyan, Chairperson


    THAT the Governance and Legislation Committee adopt the agenda for April 7, 2021 as circulated.


    THAT the Governance and Legislation Committee adopt the meeting minutes for February 22, 2021 as circulated.

In accordance with Council direction at the March 15, 2021 Special Council meeting the following Advisory Body/ Committee (AC) Terms of Reference have been brought forward with draft mandates for review and discussion. 

  1. Discussion on each Terms of Reference with a focus on the new mandates for consideration by the Committee ; and

  2. Discussion on possible work plan items for consideration by the Committee to forward to the AC's in order to help draft their work plan.  

It was noted by the consultant that it would be beneficial for Council to assist the committees in the development of their work plan items (tying in with the mandate).  The work plan should be limited to a few items given that  the majority of the ACs meet monthly.  Example:  in most cases, approximately ten (10) times per year (there would be approximately 20 hours of time per year for them to advance their work plan).

  • Arts and Culture Advisory Committee
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee
  • Environmental Advisory Committee
  • History and Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Housing Advisory Committee
  • Public Art Advisory Committee

Note:  The 2021/ 2022 Strategic Priorities have been included as reference material. 

Note:  The staff liaison will be available to offer suggestions as to their work plans have been based on the Strategic Priorities.  It  was further noted by the consultant that the ACs can also act as a "sounding board" for staff in relation to their work in developing and updating policy, plans and projects.  

Councillor Johanson requested this item be placed on the agenda for discussion.  

The Community Charter in regard to petitions:  

Petitions to Council, Section 82  

(1) A petition to a council is deemed to be presented to council when it is filed with the corporate officer.

(2) A petition to a council must include the full name and residential address of each a petitioner.

Previously Council adopted the following in the City Council and Committee Procedure Bylaw in regard to petitions: 

Section (8) Every petition presented to Council by a Delegation, or otherwise, must include:

(a)        the date of the petition;

(b)       legible full names of each signatory petitioner with their address; and,

(c)       a statement at the top of the page clearly indicating why signatures have been collected.

Section (9)     All petitions addressed to Council will be placed on the Council agenda for receipt.  Petitions must be received by 8:30 a.m. on the Monday prior to the next regular scheduled meeting.  Petitions received after this agenda deadline will be automatically placed on the next regular scheduled meeting agenda. (Amended by Bylaw 2284)

Note: The full Bylaw 2232 is attached for reference purposes.  

Councillor Trevelyan requested this item be placed on the agenda in order to review the City's current procedures and guidelines for hiring consultants. 

Discussion on topics for future Governance and Legislation Committee meetings.