The Corporation of the

Roundtable Placemaking Discussion Workshop

City Hall Council Chambers
15322 Buena Vista Avenue, White Rock, BC, V4B 1Y6

*Live Streaming/Telecast: Please note that all Committees, Task Forces, Council Meetings, and Public Hearings held in the Council Chamber are being recorded and broadcasted on the City’s website at:

T. Arthur, Director of Corporate Administration

The Manager of Cultural Development to share a PowerPoint presentation on Placemaking, Public Art and Placemaking Art, with an emphasis on ensuring there is a shared understanding of the definitions, as well as an overview of the Strategic-Transactional Model to help with understanding the constraints to setting realistic expectations for achievement.

The Manager of Cultural Development to provide an overview of what tasks have been completed to date, including what resources are already in place.

The Manager of Cultural Development to facilitate a discussion around the specific roles and work of each of the Committees represented in this workshop, and how these roles fit together when it comes to the topic of placemaking, so that going forward, efforts won't be duplicated unnecessarily and collaboration can be optimized.

The workshop participants to discuss and brainstorm high-level placemaking opportunities.

Participants to discuss and consider next steps for moving forward strategically and proactively.

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